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Playground Fundraising

Look at our Latest News section to see the exciting progress on our new playground installation!

Latest Communication

Update on Playground Fundraising Letter to Parents March 2021

What is the project?

We want to extend and replace the play area and equipment in the playground. The current equipment, installed over 20 years ago, has come to the end of its natural life span. As you can see from the photos below, it has suffered from wear and tear over the years. A recent estimate has put the cost of temporary repairs at nearly £700 and replacing, or repairing, the soft pour would cost just over £3000!

The school places a great emphasis on the importance of being outdoors and providing our children with the best possible environment to fulfil their potential through play.  Currently, we simply aren’t giving our children the tools they need at their disposal to enjoy the best the outdoors has to offer physically, but also creatively, to enable them to bring playtime to life. As the school has grown there has been an ever-increasing pressure placed on the play equipment - when it was installed in 1998, there were just over 90 pupils enrolled at the school, now there are 160!

The global pandemic has made 2020 a tough year for everybody, not just in terms of physical health, but also with regard to social and emotional well-being. Here at All Cannings we recognise that we have not been affected quite as badly as some other parts of the country. Over the summer our school community managed to stay quite upbeat with staff and children making videos, setting challenges and caring for the more vulnerable members of our community.

However, with the shortening days, changes in weather and the understandable, but relentless erosion of many of the day-to-day pleasures that this time of year brings due to further lockdowns, we are starting to notice the impact on us all. So in true All Cannings tradition, we want to work together to do something about this. With some energy, creativity and collaboration, we have decided to combine the two areas mentioned above as a project this year. This will mean we can all look back and feel we have contributed in some way to something significant for the school, something we can all play a part in regardless of personal circumstances, or local or national challenges – we want to develop the school playground!

Our Plan

Staff and children have been brainstorming various events that we can do over the coming year. Whilst we need to raise money, we want the events to be enjoyable and for everyone to have the chance to join in (whilst recognising the need for everyone to stay safe). We have set ourselves a target of raising £10,000 over the course of this school year, which would be a challenge any year, but even more so during these difficult times. However, with everyone pulling together and a little bit of help from outside, we believe that we can do this. Although, we hope other events will be able to take place over the year, we have six key fundraisers planned.