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Class 2

Class 2 have returned to school with a bang! It has been fantastic to play, create, laugh and learn with a small sense of normality. We have been using many wonderful books as vehicles to our learning: The Dot by Peter. H Reynolds to encourage confidence, The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas to help us regulate our feelings and I am Henry Finch by Alexis Deacon to encourage freedom of thought!

We have been lucky enough to receive an online visit from the fantastic people at SCARF Education. Harrold the Giraffe spoke to our children about a number of important matters, including: safety, being caring, achievements, resilience and friendships. The children were great listeners and enjoyed taking part in the virtual games.

During our topic lessons, Class 2 have been learning all about Neil Armstrong and his famous lunar mission. The children have been singing songs about the planets, creating wonderful pieces of art and even found time to prepare a performance for our in-house harvest festival in late September.



Class 2 Topic Web Autumn Term 2020-21