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Class 3

Learning in Class 3 is vibrant, cross-curricular and engaging.  This year we are a mixed Year 3 and 4 class.  Moving into Year 3 marks an important transition for children from Key Stage 1 to Lower Key Stage 2.  The environment is nurturing and encouraging allowing a supportive move while, at the same time, promoting a sense of independence, confidence and self-belief.  The children are taught through well-chosen and varied topics delivered in a cross-curricular, skills-based format using the children's initial questions as starting points.  This helps to encourage creative and innovative deep learning as the topics will be explored in great depth Children are also encouraged to reflect carefully on their learning helping them to develop their skills. We have high expectations of all children who are assessed at various points during the year to ensure continued progress.  Provision is regularly adapted to suit the needs of the individual child. We operate an open door policy to allow parents to come into the class and discuss any issues, at any time, as well as more formal meetings throughout the year.  There are many opportunities to take part in the wider school life such as a variety of after-school clubs and activities, a whole school Poetry Recital competition, sports competitions and a residential trip which takes place every two years.


 Learning from Home during Covid-19 - visit the Galleries Page (within the News tab) for more photos from Class 3


Class 3 Topic Web Autumn Term 2021-22