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Parent Focus Group

One of the areas identified for improvement from a past Parent Survey was communication and the newly formed Parent Focus Group met for the first time in October 2015.  The group is made up of new and established members of the school community, with pupils in all year groups, some living in the village and others further afield.  The members will help to gauge parent reaction and opinion as well as minimising low level issues which can arise through misunderstanding or a lack of information.  The group will meet every couple of months and will send out a list of topics they intend to discuss through the newsletter so other parents can give their input.

The members of the group are: Jess Shergold, Andy Hawley, Karen England, Tamsin Succony, Kate Asbury.

Below are some of the notes from previous meetings:

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  Autumn 2018

Parent Focus Group Meeting

Spring term 2019

Focus Area

Key Points/Outcome



House Certificates

Although the process for awarding house certificates was discussed at the Autumn meeting, it was still felt that they were not proving the incentive for some children that they had previously been, even though they feed into the house treat.  At half term, the school will review the number of house points awarded to see if there is an issue with a particular key stage or year group and, if necessary, consider a more appropriate reward for the older children.




Attendance Certificates

A small number of children who require regular medical appointments are not able to achieve their 100% attendance as these are recorded as absences.  An accurate attendance register is a legal requirement for every school and if a child is absent at the time the register is taken in the morning and afternoon this will be recorded as such.  In order to achieve full attendance medical appointments would need to be made outside the school day or the times at which the register is taken.  Although individually a child may not be able to achieve 100% attendance, it was important for them to realise that their attendance still contributed to the class award. 




There were some cases of individual items of uniform being out of stock at Scholars for very long periods of time and concern over stock levels in general.  The school will contact Scholars to find out if there is a problem.  It was suggested that parents contribute any items of uniform which their children have grown out of and a sale is held twice a year but this would need organising and the school did not have the space to store items of secondhand clothing for long periods of time.




Although there are regular reminders in the newsletter about parking and road safety, concerns remain over safe crossing, visibility and speeding cars.  Although suggestions such as the use of road cones or double yellow lines were offered, the school does not have control over the public highway.  Mr Borman is meeting with a representative of the Parish Council this week and will discuss the matter and the school will also look into the cost of a lollipop lady.



It was asked whether a prayer is included in every worship.  Mr Borman confirmed that this is the case although, on occasion, due to time constraints this may not be the case at Monday’s Golden Worship.



Topic Webs

Parents were asked for their opinions on the topic webs – whether they found them useful and accessible?  Parents were universally supportive of continuing with them and appreciated both the level of detail included and the time taken by staff in preparing them.  It was useful for new parents to know what their child was doing, particularly for a first child who was too young to say.  For parents of older children it was a helpful prompt for conversations around topics.  The staff are currently exploring topic work and Mr Borman will bring a mock-up of an alternative topic web to the next meeting.



Arithmetic Evening

Parent attendance at the evening was very high and feedback from parents was very positive.  Parents found it informative in describing the journey from Years 3 to 6 and in demonstrating the importance of maths as a life skill in areas such as time.  The resources from the evening were given to every child, including those who were not able to attend and information will be put on the website.  It was felt that a follow-on evening for parents to develop their own confidence and skills would be useful.  An oracy evening is being organised for February.

Feedback on the evening from other parents would be welcomed.

Issues Raised through Group by Parents